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5K5288 Seal Group

5K5288 Seal Group,

5K-5288 Seal Fits CAT Replace

High quality, New aftermarket.

Product Description

Cross Number:  2N4080, 9W6645, 5K5126, 9S4295,5K5288

Products Description: Seal Group, Floating seal,  Duo Cone seal; Floating oil seal

Material: 100CR6 Steel + NBR60
Metal hardness: 60-72 HRC
Rubber hardness: 60-65°
Temperature range: -40 ℃ – + 120 ℃
Guarantee: 12 months
Package: Carton



WHEEL-TYPE LOADER 926 920 G926 910930

EXCAVATOR 225 215B 215C 235 215 245

MOTOR GRADER 12H 12G  120H 120G 140M 160H 140K 14G


seal group fits cat

The seal group are widely used in crawler engineering machinery, coal mining machinery, heavy-duty trucks, mining machinery, mixing machinery, transmission machinery, etc.

The outer diameter of the floating seal group is available in various specifications from 45mm to 860mm, and can be processed and produced according to customer requirements, drawings and samples. The product hardness is as high as HRC60-72, and the service life is up to 3000 hrs.


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