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9W7202 Seal Group

9W7202 Seal Group,

9W-7202 Seal Fits CAT Replace

High quality, New aftermarket.

Product Description

More Number: 6T8433, 8T9206,9W-7202

Products Description: Seal Group, Floating seal,  Duo Cone seal; Floating oil seal

Material: 100CR6 Steel + NBR60
Metal hardness: 60-72 HRC
Rubber hardness: 60-65°
Temperature range: -40 ℃ – + 120 ℃
Guarantee: 12 months
Package: Carton



EXCAVATOR 325  330 322 325


seal group fits cat

The seal group are widely used in crawler engineering machinery, coal mining machinery, heavy-duty trucks, mining machinery, mixing machinery, transmission machinery, etc.

The outer diameter of the floating seal group is available in various specifications from 45mm to 860mm, and can be processed and produced according to customer requirements, drawings and samples. The product hardness is as high as HRC60-72, and the service life is up to 3000 hrs.

More seal group fits CAT replace numbers available:

1141497 9W7236 5M1177 9W6647 1M9011
9G5311 9W7332 9W6671 9W6649 1090885
9W6623 5K1078 1090881 9W6666 1627862
9W6668 9G5343 5M8647 9W6669 9W7331
9W6692 1P7249 1M8747 9W6674 990159
9W6699 5M1176 3144126 9W7209 990193
9W7243 1744874 3144124 9W7211 1617247
3T8500 1M8746 9W2201 9W6680 4D4510
9W8878 9W7220 9W7228 9W7216 4K6049
9W9230 6P3595 6Y5219 9W7225 592553
6V1915 9W6686 8P1848 9W7241 5P0374
6Y0859 9W6688 5P5829 3S0303 5P0375
5M7294 9W7231 9W6630 6T8439 5P7143
9W6622 5P9121 8P1857 9W6684 8E5608
9W6648 9W6645 9W6691 8P1252 9W6675
9W7204 9W6651 9G5315 2071571 9W7232
9W7207 5K5288 9W6646 2134737 9W6676


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